Olive Detroit Style Pie

This is a really simple Detroit style recipe.



0. Set your oven to the hottest that it will go up to (550f degrees) and leave your oven at this temp for about an hour before you start cooking.

1. Get a small square baking pan around 8" x 8" and oil up the inside of the pan and sides with a thin coat of oil.

2. Use 1/4 of the dough recipe that I linked to in the ingredients and evenly lay the dough along the bottom of the baking pan.

3. Cover the pan with saran wrap and leave it in a warm place for about 20-30 minutes.

This will "proof" the dough to make it light and fluffy.

4. Apply your Mozzarella. Make sure to place cheese along the edges of the pan so that the cheese gets crispy on the edges.

5. Spread your pizza sauce on top

Neither the application of the cheese or the sauce needs to be even.

6. Place your olives on top

7. Bake your pizza for at least 10-12 minutes in the oven. If you have a Pizza stone or steel plate then put the pan on top. Make sure that the stone or steel has had at least 45-60 mins heating up at your ovens top setting.

8. When you are finished cooking pull out your baking sheet. Run a knife along the edge to dislodge the pizza in the pan so that you can pull it out. Grab a spatula and use it to pull the pizza out of the pan and on to a cooling rack. The cooling rack will allow the crust to stay crispy and not get soggy.

9. You're done.